TXT became RPG characters! BlueHour concept photos VR version were released !!

Quote from:BigHitEntertainment

TXT (Tomorrow X Together) announced that they will make a comeback with their 3rd album “minisode 1: Blue Hour” on October 26th.

A game-like concept photo has been released and is drawing attention.

The concept photo VR version of TXT “Blue Hour” has been released!

This is the visual of TXT members of VR version.

TXT members have become characters that are likely to appear in RPG games!

It is said that Yeonjun is a knight, Soobin is archer, Beomgyu is a memtalist, Taehyun is an adventurer, and Hueningkai is mystic.

The visuals that appear as they are from the game are attracting attention.

The concept of TXT’s new album “Blue Hour” feels different from the previous TXT.

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Blue-haired Soobin, pink-haired Yeonjun, blonde Taehyun, the members who changed their hair color also looked good in the new color.

Only concept photos have been released, but they have already become a hot topic all over the world.

Please check future information ♪