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“ThankYouNamjoon” is trending! ! BTS RM V live !

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BTS whose live was canceled due to the influence of coronavirus.

The comeback of the new album “MAP OF THE SOUL 7” is also being held by the audience.

Many ARMYs are sad.

BTS leader RM broadcasted V live to encourage such ARMY and others.

RM who exchanged V LIVE with the ARMY.

He encouraged ARMY to talk a lot about his intention.

That RM’s V-Live has become a hot topic, and “ThankYouNamjoon” has entered the trend!

It’s a BTS leader.

You can see that the influence is strong worldwide.

A lot of people have been encouraged by this RM V-Live.

Now, the painful days of the coronavirus continue, but I want to see BTS live soon!