The black Louis Vuitton items worn by BTS Jimin is stylish! Mini bag and boots are cute!


BTS left for the United States on September 18th.

Many reporters and fans went to the airport to see BTS.

This time, I will introduce the airport fashion that BTS Jimin wore!

Here is a photo of Jungkook and Jimin posted on BTS’s official Twitter account.

This two-shot photo of kookmin has become a hot topic among ARMY.

Jimin was all black and had a chic styling.

His legs were very thin and his style was outstanding 😆

Also, the mini bag that Jimin had was from Louis Vuitton !

Jimin’s black boots seemed to be a Louis Vuitton product, and Jimin’s outfits were wonderful.

His necklace was cute and went great with his black tops!

Other BTS members also wore various clothes of Louis Vuitton, so please check it out ♪