Tuna dance is so cute! BTS Jin “Super Tuna(슈퍼 참치)” performance video was released!

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BTS Jin celebrated his birthday on December 4th today.

Jin made a surprise release of his new solo song “Super Tuna (슈퍼 참치)” on his birthday V Live, and it became a hot topic.

A special performance video of Jin’s “Super Tuna (슈퍼 참치)” has been released!

This is a tweet about BTS Jin “Super Tuna (슈퍼 참치)” .

“Super Tuna (슈퍼 참치)” is like a trot song, a concept not found in BTS songs so far.

It’s a song that can only be sung by Jin, and when you listen to it, you’ll feel more energetic.

In the performance video of “Super Tuna (슈퍼 참치)”, three people including Jin danced.

The tuna dance is so cute 😆

Jin do an interesting event every time for ARMY, so Jin’s fan is likely to increase more and more!

Anyone could dance the choreography of “Super Tuna (슈퍼 참치)”, so the dance challenge is likely to be popular.

Let’s try dancing to “Super Tuna (슈퍼 참치)” ♪