SUGA has become a hot topic! BTS performed “Life Goes On” at 2020MAMA !!

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2020MAMA featuring many popular artists such as BOA, SHINee Taemin, BTS, SEVENTEEN, and TWICE.

There were lots of gorgeous stages.

This time, we would like to introduce the stage of “Life Goes On” that BTS performed at 2020 MAMA!

[2020 MAMA] BTS_Life Goes On

This is BTS “Life Goes On” that was performed at 2020 MAMA.

BTS’s costumes were white, and it had a fantasy atmosphere.

SUGA has become a hot topic!

It seems that there is a real SUGA, and it was a surprising production.

At the climax, the colors returned to the world and people’s time began to move.

It seemed to express the current state of the coronavirus, and it was a moving stage.

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BTS achieved 9 crowns in 2020MAMA.

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