BTS Jin’s green ribbon is so cute! The photos of “PTD ON STAGE” were released!


BTS held an online concert “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” on October 24th.

Taehyung (V) injured his leg during the rehearsal and was sitting on a chair and performing.

The photos of BTS “PERISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” have been released!

These are photos of “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” posted on BTS’s official Twitter account.

Setlists were wonderful for this “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE”.

Not only the latest songs but also past songs were performed.

Jin’s green ribbon was the focus of attention in the encore!

Jin wore a green ribbon on his head and he was so cute😆

Jungkook’s sunglasses were cool!

I’m looking forward to the BTS “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE LA” to be held in December ♪