BTS Jin gets a big RJ! The weight is too heavy !!

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BT21 was designed by BTS.

The BT21 cafe is open and various goods are on sale,and BT21 is a very popular character.

A big present was sent to Jin from BT21!

Here is a picture of Jin posted on BTS’s official Twitter.

“Special gift from BT21. Only one large RJ Jin edition in the world. Thank you BT21.”

JIN said at his birthday V-Live that he wanted a 2-meter RJ as a gift from BT21.

I thought it was a joke, but it was really a gift .

Jin looked happy as he received a long-cherished gift.

By the way, the big RJ weighs 40 kg!

It’s really big size.

The picture of Jin, who is close to RJ, is so cute!

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BTS Jin always entertain us.

This time, he introduced us a 2 meter RJ gift.

I’m looking forward to Jin’s next post♪