BTS performed”ANPANMAN” at NBC Today Citi Music Series !!

Quote from:BTS official twitter

BTS is becoming more and more popular.

It’s very popular all over the world.

Such BTS performed “ANPANMAN” at NBC Today Citi Music Series!

This is the stage of BTS “ANPANMAN” that was shown at NBC Today Citi Music Series.

Recently, BTS had a lot of performances of “Dynamite”, so ARMY were surprised at the stage of “ANPANMAN” after a long time!

“ANPANMAN” has attracted so much attention that it has become a global trend.

“ANPANMAN” is a song that is perfect for today’s harsh world, and I think BTS sang it to cheer everyone up.

You can feel the wonderful consideration of BTS.

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In NBC Today Citi Music Series, there was a performance of the new song “Dynamite” in addition to “ANPANMAN”.

The sea set and blue costumes were a cool stage!

Please check that out too ♪