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BTS 95z’s high school episode! Jimin woke up V every morning!?

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Quote from:YouTube
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BTS has performed “Dynamite”, “IDOL” and “HOME” at “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”.

On October 1st, “Black Swan” was shown and became a hot topic.

Also, in a talk with Jimmy Fallon, a high school episode of V and Jimin (95z) was introduced!

V and Jimin who attended the same high school.

Jimin woke up V every morning!

The relationship between V and Jimin hasn’t changed, and you can imagine the scene at that time.

Jimin also talked they used to eat delicious food together when they were in high school.

I think it was hard to practice for the debut, but it seems to be a good memory for V and Jimin.

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V and Jimin are also famous for attending the same high school as SeungHee of OHMYGIRL.

According to Seunghee,V and Jimin were practicing dance everywhere.

I want 95z to continue to be good friends ♪