The handsome V visual is inherited from his father! ? The secret of BTS V’s fashionable fashion sense is revealed !!

Quote from:YouTube

BTS V is attracting attention for his handsome visuals among BTS.

The ending of V is also attracting attention in the new song “Dynamite”.

V has been chosen as one of the most handsome faces in the world, but it turns out that V’s visuals are inherited from his father!

In a recently released GQ interview, V said he inherited his father’s facial features.

V has attractive eyes and a cool nose.

V’s father also seems to have a handsome face.

Moreover, V’s father used to work on clothes related and was fashionable and stylish.

V said that he was influenced by such a father and that he also wanted to dress fashionably!

V is always attracting attention for fashionable fashion, but it was the influence of his father.

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V often talks about family episodes, which conveys family love.

I’m also looking forward to V’s fashion in the future ♪