BTS Taehyung(V) and Lady Gaga’s photos are a hot topic at the Grammy Awards!

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The Grammy Awards held on April 3, local time.

BTS performed “Butter”, and their cool performance attracted attention.

At the Grammy Awards, the interaction between BTS Taehyung (V) and Lady Gaga became a hot topic!

Lady Gaga wore a blue-green dress at this Grammy Awards.

She was so beautiful in a gorgeous outfit.

There was a scene where Taehyung (V) and Lady Gaga were talking about something, and many cameras captured that moment.

And, there was a wonderful photo of Taehyung(V) and Lady Gaga sticking their cheeks together.

Taehyung (V) is amazing to be able to get along with Lady Gaga!

In addition, Taehyung (V) and Olivia Rodrigo were a hot topic in the performance of BTS “Butter”.

I would love to see BTS collaborate with Lady Gaga and Olivia Rodrigo someday ♪