Gentle BTS! V and Jungkook handmade carnations !! The dexterity of Jungkook is also a topic! !!

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BTS is popular for interacting with fans on SOCIAL NETWORK.

The live was postponed due to the effects of coronavirus.

Still, BTS broadcasts a lot of V-live so as not to make ARMY sad.

This time, I will introduce the V live broadcast by BTS V and Jungkook two people.

In Korea, May 8th is Parents’ Day.

V and Jungkook were making carnations on paper for Parents’ Day.

V and Jungkook’s two-person V-live was a rare V-live.

A bouquet of flowers that will be completed gradually.

Please pay attention to the difference of V and Jungkook two workmanship!

Jungkook made a bouquet of nice carnations that do not seem to be amateur.

Each work had its own personality.

Jungkook was so dexterous that I was surprised.

V was pretty as usual.