2021 BTS FESTA’s D-DAY calendar will be released! The countdown until June 13th looks fun ♪


BTS holds various events every year.

The fun event for ARMY is “BTS FESTA” is also very popular.

The release of the D-DAY calendar for “2021 BTS FESTA” has been announced!

This is the teaser poster for “2021 BTS FESTA D-DAY CALENDER”.

Someone knocked on the door to announce the arrival of “2021 BTS FESTA D-DAY CALENDER”.

There were 7 rooms, and there were items to express each BTS member!

Here are the details of “2021 BTS FESTA D-DAY CALENDER”.

The countdown to June 13th, the debut day of BTS, looks fun!

The package is cute, so it’s nice to display it in your room 😆

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“BTS FESTA” where new contents are released every year.

I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of event will be held at “BTS FESTA” in 2021!

Please check the information of “BTS FESTA” in the future ♪