BTS Jungkook’s perfume smells like a baby? The dancer who performed with Jungkook in Dreamers is a hot topic!

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The youngest member(Maknae) of BTS, Jungkook.

The other day, Jungkook appeared at the opening ceremony of the World Cup held in Qatar, and his performance of “Dreamers” became a hot topic.

And the story about Jungkook’s perfume by a dancer who co-starred in the “Dreamers” MV is attracting attention! jEdfjuG0Fx4

Jungkook’s performance of “Dreamers” at the World Cup was truly a masterpiece!

People who didn’t know about BTS became fans of Jungkook.

And according to the dancer who co-starred in “Dreamers”, it seemed that Jungkook had a manly scent mixed with the scent of a baby!

I wonder what kind of perfume Jungkook is using😆