BTS V’s room was released! What is V’s thoughts in a room like an art gallery?

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Quote from:BTS official twitter
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BTS will make a comeback with their new album “BE” on November 20th.

It was announced that the title song is “Life Goes On”, and it is drawing attention.

BTS V’s concept photo was released on November 2nd!

Here is a picture of V posted on BTS’s official Twitter.

V became the curator and introduced the room.

“Welcome to V’s room. With green and white wallpaper and doors, and symmetrical accessories based on the central velvet sofa, this room feels like an art gallery. I want to express my own atmosphere as it is, and it is a room that reflects my intention.

It was a stylish room filled with V’s thoughts!

The green walls, sofas, violin, etc. gave a sense of luxury, which was perfect for the V’s atmosphere.

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V’s concept photo released following the concept clip.

It was a blue room in the group concept photo.

Please check out the concept photos of BTS members that will be released in the future ♪