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It is pretty to the movement! BTS V and Jungkook cover “Never Not” together !

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BTS is active globally.

The world tour has also been a great success.

BTS has received love calls from artists from all over the world.

The other day Jungkook covered Lauv’s “Never Not” and became a hot topic.

On May 5th, BTS V and Jungkook covered “Never Not” together.

This is “Never Not”, sung by BTS V and Jungkook, which was broadcast on V Live.

Both of them had a wonderful singing voice.

Their movement was cute!

They swayed from side to side together, V beat the drums, and they both seemed to have fun.

The cover of these two people became a topic, and “Never Not” got up in the trend.

The other day Jungkook also shared a backstory about the cover of “Never Not”, which Jungkook posted on BTS’s official Twitter.

I heard him made a mistake in the lyrics at the end and posted it as it is.

But there was a hot reaction from ARMY to Jungkook of the last shy face.

After all Jungkook is pretty.

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BTS’s V Live has been broadcasting a lot lately.

It becomes fun thanks to BTS even in the days when it is easy to go out and to be quiet.

I hope that many V-live shows will be broadcast in the future♪