BTS JHOPE makes beads accessory for ARMY at V LIVE! Focus the completed cute accessory !!

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BTS held BANGBANGCON The live on June 14th.

It was very popular because BTS interacted with ARMY around the world.

BTS recently broadcast a lot of V-lives.

This time, I would like to introduce the V LIVE broadcast by JHOPE!

This is the V-Live broadcast by JHOPE on June 24th.

JHOPE made a bracelet for ARMY!

Bracelet with purple beads in BTS color was wonderful.

It was a bracelet with yellow smiley beads in the center, which seemed to give me energy.

It was a JHOPE-like bracelet.

JHOPE, who had a hard time making bracelets, was also cute .

ARMY is also happy that JHOPE broadcasted V-lives during busy periods!

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JHOPE made a wonderful bracelet for ARMY.

When you look at the bright JHOPE V-live, you will feel better.

Please check it out!