Jungwon ranked first in I-LAND! Focus on the happy reaction of BTS Jungkook !!

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The audition program “I-LAND” produced by Bang Si-Hyuk, the representative of Big Hit Entertainment.

The debut members of the new group ENHYPEN have been decided in the final episode of I-LAND broadcast on September 18.

This time, I would like to introduce Jungwon, who was selected as ENHYPEN with the highest number of votes!

This is Jungwon when he was selected as the 1st place in the final round of I-LAND.

Actually, Jungwon was praised by JungKook on the final stage before the ranking was announced.

Jungkook looked happy when Jungwon was speaking the 1st place comment!

Jungwon seemed to be happy to be praised by BTS’s JungKook, who is active in the world.

The role model that Jungwon longs for is also JungKook!

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Jungwon decided to debut as ENHYPEN from I-LAND.

The results of Jungwon’s efforts overcoming various missions have come to fruition.

We support Jungwon who will continue to work as ENHYPEN ♪