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BTS Jimin has red hair and SUGA has pink hair! ? “Butter” concept photos were released!

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BTS will release a CD of their new song “Butter” on July 9th.

Two types of packages, yellow and orange, have been released, and cute designs are attracting attention.

The concept photo version 1 of BTS “Butter” has been released!

This is a photo posted on BTS’s official Twitter account at 0:00 on June 28th.

It was shot in an orange room.

BTS wore cool costumes and it was a concept like a rock band.

The hair color of BTS members has also become a hot topic!

Jimin had red hair, RM had blue hair, and Jungkook had purple hair.

SUGA had pink hair, and it’s a cute hair color!

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Not only the hair color and hairstyle of BTS members, but also their outfits were also amazing!

Jimin wore skirt and boots, and he is a hot topic.

Please check other BTS member’s outfits ♪