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Justin Bieber replies to BTS Jungkook’s tweet! ?

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BTS won the grand prize at the other day’s Golden Disc Awards.

BTS’s comeback was decided on February 21.

Army around the world is making a big fuss about BTS coming back in the world.

In the meantime, BTS manne, Jungkook, who professed Justin Bieber’s fans, supported Justin Bieber’s new song!

Jungkook’s post on BTS’s official Twitter.

Justin Bieber’s new song has been uploaded.

You can tell how much Jungkook likes Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber responded to Jungkook’s tweet!

Thanks to Jungkook for tweeting.

It is hoped that some of the armies will also have a collaboration with Justin Bieber.

If so, it’s amazing!

It’s a wonderful collaboration for Jungkook who has been a fan of Justin Bieber since long ago.

I’m waiting for you ♪