BTS Taehyung(V), BLACKPINK Lisa and Park Bogum leave for Paris! Their Celine’s airport fashion is so wonderful ♪

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Popular KPOP idols, BTS and BLACKPINK.

Today, June 24th, BTS Taehyung(V), BLACKPINK Lisa and Park Bo Gum have left for Paris, France!

Taehyung(V), Lisa and Park Bo Gum will be attending a fashion show in Paris, France.

Three people arrived at the airport separately, and each airport fashion was wonderful.

Their Celine’s outfit was cool !

And, Taehyung (V) and Park Bogum are known for their close friendship.

It’s a rare opportunity for Taehyung(V) and Bogum to have a schedule together, so I’m looking forward to their appearance in Paris 😆

Let’s check it out ♪