BTS V yawning is also handsome! ? V released “V cut” !!

Quote from:BTS twitter

BTS that appeared in the American magazine “Variety”.

The photos of BTS members in suits were really cool, weren’t they?

BTS V has released the photos taken on Variety!

Here is a photo posted by BTS V on Twitter.

V posted 6 photos with the title “V cut 😊”!

V wore two kinds of costumes, and both costumes looked great.

There is also a close-up photo of V’s face, so you can see how handsome V’s face is.

V’s hairstyle with raised bangs was cool and it was a nice photo even when yawning.

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Variety has cool photos of all BTS members, not just V.

BTS group photos were also valuable photos!

Please check it out ♪