“Life goes on / Let’s live on” is trending! BTS gave a great speech at the United Nations !!

Quote from:BTS official twitter

BTS is very popular all over the world.

BTS’s new song “Dynamite” won the 1st place on “Billboard Hot 100”.

Such BTS participated in the speech of the UN General Assembly!

BTS (방탄소년단) Speech at the 75th UN General Assembly

Here is a video of the 75th United Nations General Assembly released on September 23.

Following the speech at the United Nations Headquarters in 2018, BTS’s second speech became a hot topic.

RM’s speech in English was cool !

BTS members said, “I felt that the world was getting smaller because we couldn’t do world tours and concerts because of the coronavirus.”

However, BTS also said that it was an opportunity to look back on theirself.

Jin gave a wonderful message that you should not lose your importance like the lyrics of “LOVE MYSELF” and “Dynamite”.

Message from BTS The word “Life goes on / Let’s live on” has become a global trend !

It’s a difficult world with coronavirus, but the words of BTS touch my heart.

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BTS has recently appeared on programs around the world and has performed.

The bright lyrics and performance of “Dynamite” seem to represent the message of BTS!

Please check it out ♪

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