BTS Jungkook has mint hair! ? On “PTD ON STAGE”, Jungkook’s hair color is a hot topic!


BTS held an online concert “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” on October 24th.

ARMY all over the world was looking forward to BTS’s online concert.

In “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE”, Jungkook’s mint hair became a hot topic!

Jungkook appeared on BTS Jimin’s birthday V Live, which was broadcasted on October 13.

At that time, Jungkook said that he had shortened his hair.

Furthermore, Jungkook was still black hair in BTS’s V live on October 20.

However, Jungkook had mint hair from the time of the rehearsal of “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE”, and I was surprised!

In “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE”, not only Jungkook but also other BTS members had cool hair color and hairstyle, so let’s check it out ♪