What is the brand of BTS 3J’s sneakers? J-HOPE’s Off-White sneakers are cute!


BTS released a new song “Butter” in 2021.

The other day, a remixed version of “Butter” featuring Megan Thee Stallion was released, and it has become a hot topic all over the world.

On September 9th, a special performance video of “Butter” danced by J-HOPE, Jimin and Jungkook (3J) was released!

This is a dance video of BTS “Butter” released on YouTube.

3J’s dance has attracted attention all over the world.

They wore white outfits.

The sneakers J-HOPE wore were from Off-White™!

His pants had a rainbow-colored line, which was a cool design.

Jungkook wore white sneakers and was a product of alexanderwang.

Jimin wore sneakers from RICK OWENS ONLINE, and the simple black design was great.

Let’s check out the cool dance performances of 3J ♪