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BTS “Dynamite” goods have been released! Introducing purchase methods and goods lineup! Also records and cassettes !!

Quote from:Official BTS Music Store
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BTS announced the release of their new song “Dynamite” on August 21st.

The colorful “Dynamite” logo has become a hot topic.

And the official goods of BTS “Dynamite” have been released!

Quote: Weverse Shop

This is the official “Dynamite” merchandise.

T-shirts, caps and canvas bags are all items you can use everyday!

The colorful “Dynamite” logo is designed, and all are cute.

The black background and the colorful letters of “Dynamite” go well together.

This goods will be available for purchase at the Weverse Shop from 1:00 pm on August 21st and will end when sold out.

Quote: https://bts-dynamite.us/

Moreover, in the United States, BTS also sells “Dynamite” records and cassettes.

There are a lot of releases of sound sources nowadays, but BTS sells records and cassettes.

It feels retro and is fashionable and cute!

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BTS’s new song “Dynamite” released on August 21st.

Colorful and cute official goods will also be on sale.

Please check it out♪