BTS Jin’s pyjamas are so cute! Preview photo of “In the Soop” released!

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Popular program “In the Soop” of BTS.

It’s a interesting program to see how BTS spend a time, and recently SEVENTEEN’s “In the Soop” has started.

Preview photos of BTS “In the Soop” Season 2 starting from October 15th has been released!

These are photos of BTS posted on the official Twitter account of “In the Soop”.

The photos of RM, Jin, SUGA, J-HOPE are posted.

Each wore casual clothes and Jin wore pyjamas!

The pyjamas were designed with cute characters that look like Jin, and they became a hot topic right after photo was released.

Jin often wore pyjamas, and also this time his pyjamas were great 😆

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The other day, the production process of the “In the Soop” set was released, and the luxurious house attracted attention.

I’m looking forward to “In the Soop” Season2 !

Let’s check it out ♪