BTS Taehyung(V) performs karaoke at V Live !!


BTS announced that the 2020 world tour “BTS MAP OF THE SOUL TOUR” will be held.

Voices of joy are rising from all over the world.

Such BTS is in the United States right now.

On January 22, BTS member V (Taehyung) performed V live!

It was a heaven-like day for the armies to go to V-Live on the day the tour was announced.

It was a V-Live without much conversation, but many of Taehyung’s charms were seen.

“Who is the cutest among BTS members?”

In response to a question from the fan , he said that the leader’s RM was the cutest.

The recent RM seems to be really cute.

Taehyung sang karaoke happily.

It’s so high tension!

I am glad to take the time for my fans during my busy schedule.

I am looking forward to the next V live ♪