BTS Jungkook’s wallpaper is a dog! ? Cute dog is a hot topic on his birthday V live!

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Today, September 1st is Jungkook’s birthday.

In commemoration of Jungkook’s birthday, V Live was broadcasted at midnight, and ARMY all over the world was watching it.

On Jungkook’s birthday V Live, wallpaper became a hot topic!

This is V Live broadcasted by Jungkook.

jungkook sang many songs such as “Let Go”, “Film out”, “Dimples”, “MIC Drop”, and “Spring Day”.

What attracted attention was Jungkook’s wallpaper!

I could only see Jungkook’s wallpaper for a moment.

It was a picture of a dog, and it was a cute wallpaper!

Many ARMY are looking for Jungkook’s wallpaper.

Please check next BTS’s V Live ♪