BTS Jungkook, TXT Soobin&Beomgyu watched at IU’s live! ? Also ITZY’s guest appearance !


Korean great singer, IU.

IU is not only active as a singer, but also as an actress.

IU is very popular all over the world.

Yesterday, September 17th, IU’s solo concert “2022 IU CONCERT <The Golden Hour : 오렌지 태양 아래 (Under the Orange Sun)>” was held!

IU’s solo concert ‘2022 IU CONCERT <The Golden Hour: 오렌지 태양 아래 (Under the Orange Sun)>’ was held at the Olympic Main Stadium in Jamsil Sports Complex, South Korea.

This is IU’s first offline concert in about 3 years, so it was expected from early on.

Each seat was equipped with cushions, and IU’s thoughtfulness for her fans who visited the venue became a hot topic.

In addition, some idols came to see IU’s concert!

First, TXT’s Soobin and Beomgyu.

Soobin and Beomgyu, who just returned from Japan to Korea on the 16th, immediately attended IU’s concert.

They said on Weverse that they were looking forward to IU’s live performance, and they seemed to really enjoy it.

Also, it seems that TWICE Nayeon and BTS Jungkook also came to IU’s concert!

Even though no official photos have been posted, Jungkook has long been known to be a fan of IU.

Both IU and Jungkook are good at singing, so many fans are looking forward to their collaboration.

And at IU’s concert, ITZY appeared as a guest!

In the past, IU and ITZY had co-starred in YouTube, and it seems that ITZY received a love call from IU as guests.

ITZY is also fans of IU, and I felt a wonderful senior-junior relationship😆

The setlist was the best, and it was a concert full of famous songs, so let’s check it out♪