The lyrics of StrayKids’ Dance Ratcha “TASTE” are sexy and cool ! About kiss !? The performance at “MANIAC” Seoul Concert is amazing!

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StrayKids belonging to JYP Entertainment.

StrayKids is currently holding their world tour “MANIAC”, and yesterday, September 18th, they held an encore concert in Seoul.

Some song from StrayKids’ new album “MAXIDENT” was performed for the first time !

These are photos of Seoul concert posted on the official SrayKids Twitter.

The pink slogan was cute and StrayKids members outfits were lovely.

It seems that some members shed tears, and the moving scene attracted attention.

“TASTE” from “MAXIDENT” of Dance Racha(LeeKnow, Hyunjin, and Felix) became a hot topic!

Not only Dance Racha’s sexy performance, but also the lyrics of “TASTE” about kiss are amazing😆

The Mashup video of “MAXIDENT” was released today, so let’s check it out♪