StrayKids Hyunjin’s CELINE hair band is so cool! Check the outfits in “MANIAC” MV♪


Today, March 18th, Stray Kids made a comeback with the new song “MANIAC”.

The number of MV views of “MANIAC” quickly exceeded 1 million times, and StrayKids is very popular.

Not only the performance but also the outfits of StrayKids members in the MV of “MANIAC” was cool!

This is the MV for Stray Kids “MANIAC” posted on YouTube.

Each SrayKids members wore unique outfits, and everyone was cool, such as the see-through outfits of Felix.

Hyunjin wore a CELINE hair band!

Hyunjin in “MANIAC” has red hair, and his hair color became a hot topic.

The hair band suits Hyunjin with red hair, and he is so cool 😆

I’m looking forward to their outfits for the comeback activity of Stray Kids “MANIAC” starting from now on ♪