StrayKids Felix’s ponytail, shirtless is a hot topic! The trailer for “MAXIDENT” has been released!

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StrayKids is popular all over the world.

StrayKids is a cool group with charismatic performances.

Today, September 6th, the trailer for StrayKids’ “MAXIDENT” was released!

Here is the trailer for StrayKids “MAXIDENT” posted on YouTube.

First of all, the thumbnail of Felix is so cool😆

The ponytail looked great on Felix, and he was really cool.

Felix’s shirtless scene has also become a hot topic

Hyunjin had his bangs down and he was beautiful.

Other StrayKids members are also all cool, and expectations for StrayKids’ “MAXIDENT” are rising.

Let’s check out the upcoming StrayKids “MAXIDENT” related videos♪