Stray Kids Bang Chan watched ITZY Ryujin’s V Live! ? The friendship of JYP idols is a hot topic!

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Stray Kids and ITZY who belong to JYP Entertainment.

The two groups are popular for their cool performances, and the quality of the stage is amazing every time.

At the V Live broadcasted by ITZY Ryujin on February 4, the interaction with Stray Kids Bang Chan attracted attention!

This is V Live broadcasted by ITZY Ryujin.

Ryujin talked to her fans about various things.

The room that Ryujin’s V Live was broadcasted this time was a work room with a Stray Kids poster.

Bang Chan seems to have watched Ryujin’s V Live!

Ryujin was surprised, “Why Chani oppa watching? Why?”.

Currently, Stray Kids members seem to be on vacation, and we can feel the good friendship between Bang Chan and Ryujin.

I’m looking forward to the future activities of ITZY and Stray Kids in 2022 ♪