NCT127 Jungwoo’s butterfly tooth gems are a hot topic! The photos of “질주 (2Baddies)” are released!

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NCT127 will make a comeback with the new album “질주 (2Baddies)” on September 16th.

Short videos about “질주(2Baddies)” have been released one after another, and NCTzen’s expectations are getting higher and higher.

In the photo of NCT127 “질주(2Baddies)” released today, Jungwoo’s butterfly tooth gems are attracting attention!

These are photos of Jungwoo of “질주 (2Baddies)” posted on NCT127’s official Twitter.

In “질주 (2Baddies)”, Jungwoo has black hair.

Jungwoo’s posing with the car was wonderful😆

In the last photo, Jungwoo wears sunglasses and showing his teeth!

Jungwoo had butterfly gems on his teeth, which was a surprising fashion.

The combination of Jungwoo and butterfly is so beautiful.

By the way, Jaehyun, Taeyong and Mark also wore something glittery like an accessory on the tooth.

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