NCT 127 “Neo Zone” breaks through millions! !

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NCT127 that made a comeback with the repackage album “Neo Zone The Final Round”.

The MV for the title song “Punch” has been released, and it is already a hot topic.

Such NCT127’s album “Neo Zone” series sales have exceeded a million!

To commemorate the breakthrough of Million, the NCT127 members broadcast a thank-you V-live.

While everyone was grateful in Korean, Doyoung commented in Japanese as “Thanks to everyone” !

Yuta also spoke “Thank you.” in Japanese.

I’m glad Korean Doyoung speaks Japanese!

MARK and JOHNNY expressed their appreciation in English.

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NCT 127 has achieved a feat that surpasses Million.

I haven’t been able to meet for a long time now, but I want to meet soon.

I want to see the live as soon as possible ♪