Too handsome! Taeyong’s visual is a hot topic in SuperM’s new song “100” !!

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Quote from:SuperM twitter
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SuperM will release new album “Super One” on September 25th.

SuperM has also decided to appear in a-nation online 2020.

And the visual of Taeyong of SuperM’s new single “100” announced on August 14th has been released!

This is the new SuperM Taeyong’s visual released on August 11.

The other day, the group image of “100” was released, and it was talked about that Taeyong is very similar to Todoroki who appears in My Hero Academia.

The newly released Taeyong’s visual was also a hot topic!

Half of the hair was red, half was white, and the colors of the colored contact lenses were different on the left and right.

It’s incredibly cool with a new concept.

The visual of Taeyong was getting attention.

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Currently, the “Super One” project is underway for the release of the new album “Super One”.

The new song “100” will be released soon!

Please check it out♪