At MAMA2021, NCT127 Taeyong’s body condition wasn’t good, but his performance was wonderful! His professionalism has become a hot topic!

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MAMA2021 held on December 11th.

At MAMA2021, the reunion of Wanna One and the luxurious lineup of Street Woman Fighter, NCT, StrayKids, ITZY, aespa, TXT, ENHYPEN, etc. attracted attention all over the world.

NCT performed as NCT U, NCT 127 and NCT DREAM.

The professionalism of Taeyong, the leader of NCT 127, has become a hot topic!

These are photos of MAMA 2021 posted on NCT 127’s official Twitter account.

NCT 127 won the World Wide Fan’s Choice Top 10 Award at MAMA2021.

However, Taeyong wasn’t there when they commented about the award.

Taeyong wasn’t on the red carpet, and fans were worried if he won’t participate in MAMA2021 today or if something happened.

But Taeyong participated in the performance of NCT 127 at MAMA2021 and performed his cool dance!

In an interview at MAMA2021 that was released after that, Jaehyun told Taeyong to be careful about his body condition.

Actually, it seemed that Taeyong’s body condition wasn’t good.

I was impressed Taeyong’s performance 😭

Since NCT 127’s offline concert and song festival are coming up, I hope that Taeyong will be in good health.

Let’s check Taeyong’s future activities!