What is “STICKER” meaning? NCT127 “Who is STICKER” has been released! The relationship with “Simon Says” ?

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NCT127 will make a comeback with a new song in September.

Yesterday, photos of NCIT were released on Instagram, and the new event is drawing attention.

Today, at midnight on August 21st, the video of “Who is STICKER” was released!

This is a video of NCT 127 “Who is STICKER” released on YouTube.

It was like a college student’s circle, starting with the video from NCIT.

Yuta was playing a game, Taeyong was looking at the fish tank, and there were many cute scenes.

The atmosphere changed completely from Jungwoo in the latter half, and it was a cool concept like NCT 127.

The one that attracted attention was “STICKER” in the title!

“STICKER” has various meanings.

Some fans believe that STICKER represents something that bothers them, a traitor.

Because it’s “Who is STICKER”, it indicates someone and I’m wondering who it is 😆

It was also an interesting point that “STICKER” was projected on Taeyong’s face.

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Also, in this “Who is STICKER” video, the connection with “Simon Says” is also attracting attention!

The music and concept were similar to “Simon Says”.

There are still many mysteries about what is happening, and I’m looking forward to future teasers ♪