It’s like “Your name.”! ? NCT127 Mark and Johnny have been swapped! ?


NCT127 consisting of global members.

The new song Kick It ranked fifth on the Billboard 200.

It is a group that is expected to play an active part in the future.

NCT127 is also popular for interesting videos on YouTube and V Live.

This time, NCT127 Mark and Johnny posted an interesting video on YouTube!

Freaky Handshake (2020)

Mark and Johnny exchange each other after a handshake, saying, “What’s your name?It was a video.

It was like a scene from an overseas movie.

Johnny from the United States and Mark from Canada are fluent in English, so they looklike foreign actors.

It was interesting because Mark is playing Johnny and Johnny is playing Mark because the contents are swapped!

Making a Mini Movie with MK | Johnny’s Communication Center (JCC) Ep.18

The making video was also very interesting.

The finished video was like a movie, but they had a hard time shooting it.

It seemed to be happy from beginning to end, and it seemed to be hard to hold back laughter.

Johnny playing Mark was great!

Mark was also laughing at “How many times did I fart today?”

Mark’s habit of speaking “honesty” and “chicken” he also reproduced well .

Mark, who is with Johnny, looks like a real brother and is so cute that he always seems to have fun.

I was able to see two happy people and smiled.

I’m waiting for a fun video from now on♪