NCT 127 Doyoung is a fan of EXO D.O.! ? Remarks on Instagram live are talked about!

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Doyoung is member of NCT 127.

Doyoung opened Instagram in October 2020 and posts photos frequently.

Doyoung delivered an Instagram live on January 26th!

At Doyoung’s Instagram live this time, there was a scene to watch “괜찮 아도 괜찮아 (That’s okay)” sung by D.O. of EXO.

Doyoung was so cute when he saw D.O. singing on his computer and said, “Thank you very much for coming back in good health.” and “Hyung, thank you for your hard work.”

In response to the fan’s comment, “I’m talking to D.O. Hyung right now, so don’t disturb me” , which was interesting .

It was talked about that after Doyoung saw EXO Baekhyun’s Beyond LIVE before, he said, “Baekhyun Hyung was the coolest!”

Doyoung, who remembered the episode at that time, said “Stop using bubbles like Baekhyun! Really stop! It’s embarrassing!”.

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Jaehyun’s participation was also noticed at this Doyoung’s Instagram live.

Doyoung, who is shy to know that NCT members are watching, was cute!

Please check that out too ♪