Is NCT 127 Jaehyun appearing in aespa “Black Mamba”? Introducing the interesting theory of “Who is STICKER”!

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NCT 127 is expected to make a comeback in September 2021.

NCIT has started, and the individual Instagram accounts of the members have changed.

In the NCT27 “Who is STICKER” video released today on August 21, the connection with the story of aespa “Black Mamba” is attracted attention!

This is a video of NCT 127 “Who is STICKER” released on YouTube.

In this video, Jaehyun wore a hood outfit.

It is said that Jaehyun might have appeared in the aespa “Black Mamba” video!

This is aespa’s “‘ep1. Black Mamba’ –SM Culture Universe”.

It was a video about aespa’s debut song “Black Mamba”, and it was an interesting story.

In the scene where Ningning draws a picture, there was a conversation with a man wearing a hood (around 3 minutes and 45 seconds)!

The man’s face wasn’t shown, but it looks a bit like Jaehyun.

NCT 127 and aespa videos may not be connected, but it’s interesting because the fans are thinking about various theories.

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In “Who is STICKER”, attention is also paid to who STICKER is.

I’m curious about the future story, whether someone of NCT 127 is STICKER or someone else is STICKER.

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