Who are the members of Girls On Top (GOT)? BOA, Girls’ Generation, Red Velvet, and aespa, it’s the Avengers girls group, and the female version of SuperM !

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SMTOWN to which many popular idols from BOA and TVXQ to NCT and aespa belong.

SMTOWN will release the winter album and held the concert on January 1st 2022.

The birth of SMTOWN’s new girl group “Girls On Top (GOT)” has become a hot topic!

This is the photo posted on the official Twitter account of Girls On Top (GOT), December 27th.

Kpop fans were surprised at the birth of a new girls group.

“Girls On Top (GOT)” has 7 members: BOA, Girls’ Generation Taeyeon & Hyoyeon, Red Velvet Wendy & Seulgi, and aespa Karina & Winter !

“Girls On Top (GOT)” is exactly the Avengers girls group, and it’s said to be the female version of SuperM.

It’s amazing that aespa and BOA are in the same group.

It’s a collaboration that can only be done by SMTOWN, and it has become a hot topic all over the world 😆

“Girls On Top (GOT)” will perform a special stage on January 1, 2022, and the new song will be released on January 3, 2022.

I’m really looking forward to what kind of song “Girls On Top (GOT)” will perform!

The photo of “Girls On Top (GOT)” is cool and charismatic , so their new song may be a girl-crush concept.

Let’s check the performance of “Girls On Top (GOT)” ♪