NCT Shotaro have T-shirt to Taeyong for as birthday present ! Shotaro is very cute!


NCT to which a total of 23 members belong.

The leader of NCT is Taeyong .

Today, July 1st is Taeyong’s birthday!

This is V Live broadcasted by NCT ​​Taeyong today (July 1st).

Doyoung also participated and the scene where he brought the cake for Taeyong was wonderful 😆

The topic was the birthday present that Shotaro gave to Taeyong!

Shotaro was waiting in the practice room to give Taeyong a birthday present .

Shotaro gave Taeyong a white T-shirt that looks good on Taeyong, and I want him to wear it someday!

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Taeyong and Shotaro performed together on NCT U “Make A Wish”.

It was a wonderful birthday present because I could feel the friendship of Taeyong and Shotaro.

I’m looking forward to the success of NCT members in the future ♪

Happy Birthday Taeyong 🎉