On birthday, NCT127 Taeyong posted a handwritten letter to fans! Also pictures with his nephew !!

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NCT127’s reliable leader, Taeyong.

Taeyong celebrated his birthday on July 1st.

He received messages from around the world celebrating his birthday.

Such Taeyong posted a handwritten letter to fans!

Here is a photo posted on the official Instagram of NCT127.

Recently, Taeyong was absent from the music program due to a health problem, so fans were worried, but I was relieved to hear from Taeyong’s post.

I’m impressed by the fact that Taeyong’s thoughts on fans are conveyed to me writing a handwritten letter.

“Hello, everyone.

Everyone has always been a great help. thank you very much. Thanks to you, I have been able to achieve many things. However, I think I need to grow a little more.

I thank all the people who always protect my side. “

It was a wonderful letter to hear Taeyong’s true intentions.

It was also posted a photo of Taeyong and his nephew’s back.

I was relieved that he was spending time with his family.

It’s a nice photo that makes you feel at ease.

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NCT127 Taeyong celebrated his birthday on July 1.

The contribution from Taeyong made the fans feel safe.

This birthday made me realize again that Taeyong is loved all over the world.

We continue to support Taeyong’s success as an NCT.

I want Taeyong to be careful about his health and stay healthy.

Happy Birthday Taeyong !!