He looks too good ! NCT127 Jaehyun transforms into a baseball boy!

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NCT127 is active globally.

The performance on Kick It became a hot topic.

All the members are handsome and are expected to play an active part in the future.

This time, I will introduce NCT127 Jaehyun who transformed into a baseball boy in Inkigayo !

Quote: instagram.com

This is a photo posted to NCT127 Jaehyun’s Instagram story.

Jaehyun in a baseball uniform is cool.

It looks too good!

How to wear a hat is also cool!

It was the perfect costume for Jaehyun.

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By the way, NCT DREAM made a comeback with the new song “Ridin’ in Inkigayo.

The entanglement between Jaehyun and NCT DREAM was also interesting, so please check it out♪