NCT Jaehyun’s GUCCI fashion! Introducing the fashion that Jaehyun wore in “Make A Wish” !!

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Quote from:NCT twitter
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NCT2020 was back with a new album.

The music video for the title song “Make A Wish” has also been released.

This time, I will introduce the fashion that NCT U Jaehyun wore in “Make A Wish”!

Quote from:

This is the fashion that Jaehyun wore in “Make A Wish”.

Jaehyun wore GUCCI’s “GG Jacquard Cotton Jacket”, which is perfect for the concept of “Make A Wish”.

In the outfit, a lot of GUCCI marks were designed, and the red line on the side was also fashionable.

Jaehyun’s neck accessory was also cool!

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In “Make A Wish”, not only Jaehyun but also the fashions of other members were attracting attention.

They wore wonderful outfits!

Please check it out ♪

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