Also in aquarium ! ? NCT DREAM Jaemin’s birthday ad scale is amazing !!


NCT DREAM Jaemin has his birthday on August 13.

Jaemin’s birthday was celebrated by fans all over the world.

The scale of Jaemin’s birthday ad was amazing!

This is the birthday advertisement for NCT DREAM Jaemin.

In the aquarium of Lotte World, a banner was opened in the aquarium to celebrate Jaemin’s birthday!

I was surprised at the unexpected advertisement.

Not only that, but everywhere in the aquarium, it seems that there are pictures celebrating Jaemin’s birthday.

I’m impressed because the scale is too big.

I think Jaemin is happy too!

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NCT DREAM Jaemin received congratulatory messages from fans all over the world.

It’s been well-known that Jaemin is loved by fans all over the world.

Happy birthday!