NCT Shotaro dances “90’s Love” is a hot topic! SungTaro’s dances are very cool!

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Shotaro joined NCT 2020 as a new member.

Shotaro participated in the activity of “Make A Wish”, and his excellent dance ability is attracting attention.

Shotaro has released a dance video of “90’s Love”!

This is the dance video of “90’s Love” by Shotaro posted on NCT’s official Twitter account.

Shotaro danced cool , even though he didn’t participate in the “90’s Love” !

At the 24hr relay cam posted on YouTube, Shotaro was taught the choreography of “90’s Love” by Sungchan.

At the relay cam, Shotaro practiced with Sungchan and SungTaro’s dances were very cool 😆

Sungchan also praised Shotaro’s dance!

After shooting the relay cam, Shotaro practiced more and finally officially released the dance video of “90’s Love”.

It was a performance that you can feel that Shotaro practiced hard.

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At Shotaro’s relay cam, there was a scene where he ate chicken for a night snack with Sungchan.

They were teaching Japanese and Korean to each other, and you could feel the bond between SungTaro.

Please check that out too ♪