Fancam of NCT U Shotaro’s “Make A Wish” is a big hit !!

Quote from:NCT twitter

Shotaro joined as a new member of NCT2020.

Shotaro is also participating in NCT U’s new song “Make A Wish”.

On M COUNTDOWN, NCT U performed the debut stage of “Make A Wish”, and Shotaro’s dance skill was attracting attention.

The Fancam of “Make A Wish” danced by Shotaro is receiving a lot of attention!

[MPD직캠] 엔시티 유 쇼타로 직캠 4K 'Make A Wish' (NCT U SHOTARO FanCam) | @MCOUNTDOWN_2020.10.15

This is Shotaro’s Fancam of “Make A Wish” on M COUNTDOWN broadcast on October 15th.

If you look at Shotaro’s Fancam, you can see that Shotaro is good at dancing!

Shotaro has been attracting attention as a new member of NCT, so compared to other members, the number of views of Fancam is overwhelmingly high.

NCT already had a lot of fans, so some fans were against joining of the new members.

However, Korean fans who saw Shotaro’s performance in “Make A Wish” said “I could understand why Shotaro joined NCT.” and praised Shotaro.

Shotaro was good at dancing and facial expressions that you can’t think of as a newcomer, and there are a lot of fans who are addicted to Shotaro’s charm.

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Not only dance, Shotaro is also attracting attention for his cute looks.

On the stage of “Make A Wish”, you can see both cuteness and coolness of Shotaro!

Please check it out ♪